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January 29, 2020 2 min read

We’ve talked about why practicing yoga should be your new goal in 2020 for the benefits it has for your mind and your body, but what about the spiritual benefits you can gain from yoga? Because the focus is on the ‘oneness’ of ourselves and everything around us, there is a lot to gain spiritually from yoga, making it the perfect practice for your soul too.

Yoga helps you with gratitude and contentment

Because of the measured and balanced nature of yoga, it’s a great at helping you slow down and appreciate yourself and others. You’re almost forced to be patient with your body and accept that nothing and no-one is perfect, but we’re all beautiful in our own ways. Learning to thank your body for what it does for you and accepting your own limitations is a common part of yoga and teaches you to let go and feel grateful for what you have and can do in that moment.

It opens your spiritual centres

Ever heard of chakras? These are energy centres around your body and each of the seven chakras has a different meaning and provides you with different energy. Many yoga poses are designed to open these centres so that you can feel more connected to your soul and your spiritual self. Postures that open the heart centre help you to feel open and loved, and those that stimulate the third eye chakra help with your intuition and being aware of your higher self.

It creates a sense of ‘oneness’

When you practice yoga, you really do need to use all of your body, your mind, and your soul to help you with the poses. Obviously your body is involved in the physical movements, your mind is there focusing and concentrating, and your soul is open to whatever you feel in the present moment. Because this is such a holistic practice, it helps you to see how everything is connected, not just within yourself, but in the world around you.

Yoga exercises your compassion

Because you need to be patient with yourself when practicing yoga, this creates space for you to be patient with, and compassionate towards other people too. Accepting when you might not be able to complete a pose as well as you’d like helps you to understand that the need to show compassion when it comes to your body and how it learns and grows. This also teaches us humility and enables us to relate a bit more to those around us when they might be learning or struggling too.

So what have you got to lose? You should definitely take up yoga in 2020!