Black Crochet Dreamcatcher

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This stunning black crochet dreamcatcher is handmade from leather around the outside and a crochet inner. 

  • Crochet black web with a mane of dyed black and white feathers
  • Hoop width: 16cm
  • Hanging length: approx 40cm
  • Please note that this dreamcatcher is handmade therefore may vary in size, colour or shape from the product pictured 

 A few interesting facts about Dreamcatchers:

  1. They're supposed to catch the bad dreams, not the good ones!
  2. Based on Native American Legend, first noted in 1929
  3. The web shape of dreamcatchers reflects a spider's web which catches the bad dreams, while the central hole allows good dreams to pass through 
  4. The dreamcatcher's feathers attached to the bottom act as soft slides for good dreams to slide to you
  5. They originally were made to collapse after some time to teach that nothing lasts forever
  6. They are cleansed by sunlight

Interested in reading even more about them? Find out more detailed interesting facts about dreamcatchers on our article on them here, and order your Dreamcatcher today!

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