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Butterfly Tiffany Style Lamp

Designer: Tiffany Lamps


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Brighten up your home. Add some ambience to your living environment.

Add an elegant lamp to your bedside table, shelf, or drawers. Stylish addition to any living room, dining room or bedroom.

Pick up the perfect gift for a friend or family member.

This beautiful Tiffany Lamp is made from handmade Stained Glass and a Black Resin Base

When you are looking for a way to add both colour and class to your environment, you'll find that one of the best ways to do so is with a Tiffany lamp.

You'll find that there is a reason that the Tiffany lamps have been so popular for the last century, and you'll find that with a little bit of work and thought that they can easily be integrated into your home environment.

The Art Nouveau movement, of which the Tiffany glassware was a part, is something that proclaims beauty in every space, and this type of lamp is no exception.

The thing that will distinguish a Tiffany lamp from the normal lamp is its beautiful lampshade. The Tiffany lamp has a shade which is a gorgeous confection of stained glass that has been meticulously soldered together, and many people feel that this is the hallmark of its charm.

You'll find that the stained glass designs on this lamp will range in colour from cool and lovely blues and greens to vibrant reds, golds and oranges. Take some time to think about where the various colors might do their best work, and you will find that your Tiffany lamp can bring a a great deal of life to any room in your house.

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