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Lapis Lazuli Oval 925 Sterling Silver Pendant

Lapis Lazuli Oval Pendant in a stunning, genuine 925 Sterling Silver setting.

Dimensions: 34mm x 18mm.

As part of the Rivendell service, each pendant comes together with:

  • an elegant Rivendell Gift Box

Find out a little more about Lapis Lazuli below:

Country of Origin: Afghanistan

Meaning: Lapis Lazuli is said to be a protective stone that contacts spirit guides. Opens the third eye, and balances the throat chakra.

Lapis Lazuli is one of the most luxurious, valuable crystals, with a rich, deep blue-purple tone that has captured the attention of humans for thousands of years. One can often lose track of time gazing into the depths of Lapis Lazuli crystals, reflective of its timeless appeal.

It is no wonder the ancient Egyptians used to lay Lapis Lazuli withins the coffins of Queens and Kings, including that of King Tutankhamun himself.

Lapis is used for elevating the mind to a sharper state to enhance learning and memory, while also allowing for clarity of speech - both written and verbal.

Wearing Lapis Lazuli is also a way to bring peace and harmony within relationships, by easing the flow of communication between each other.


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1403 reviews

Great addition to my bedroom, the dimmer is great - great quality

I love it!

It works great with my burner and smells so nice too!

Smoky quartz pendant

There were no delays in shipping and my pendant is very good quality and worth the purchase!


Loved the Mosaic lamp.


Smells amazing and looks so good in our burner. Love to see the smoke flow down it.