3 Reasons Why You Should Get a Crystal-infused Reed Diffuser

3 Reasons Why You Should Get a Crystal-infused Reed Diffuser


3 Reasons Why You Should Get a Crystal-infused Reed Diffuser

Nature has given us an incredible range of resources such as minerals and plants. From extraction of different flora to repeated liquid cooling cycles, there are many ways we can turn these resources into what we call essential oils and crystals. As we all know, crystals have inherent power that amplifies stable energy vibrations. While, essential oils have innate physical and metaphysical therapeutic qualities. Altogether, we can harness these benefits through crystal-infused reed diffusers.

Reed diffusers are an amazing way to provide your home with a lovely and pleasant scent. If you mix it up with the right crystal, you will surely have a clean, fresh and harmonious synergy in your home. 

Here are the reasons why you should get a crystal-infused reed diffuser:

1. Crystal-Infused Reed Diffusers can help you sleep better

reed diffuser for sleep

Researchers have shown that stress can contribute to inflammation in the muscles that can lead to restlessness of the body. Sadly, a restless body may result in sleep deprivation which can reduce your energy throughout the day. Luckily, studies have reported that aromatherapy can increase the quality of sleep and lessen your level of anxiety.

A crystal-infused reed diffuser for sleep is one of the effective aromatherapies you can have. You can place it in your bedroom to help you relieve stress and boost oxygen level in the muscles to help your body relax. 

If you can’t still decide what scent to buy, the best crystal reed diffuser oil for sleep is the combination of Lavender and Jasmine. Lavender is known as a classic scent with a gentle floral aroma for calming qualities. It has a refreshing yet soothing fragrance that can naturally reduce your anxiety. While Jasmine is known to be the scent of love, it has a distinct scent of floral yet musky tones that will give your bedroom a calming atmosphere. When combined together, both essential oils can help you induce a good night's sleep by keeping your body comfortable and relaxed. 😌

2. Crystal-Infused Reed Diffusers can enhance mental performance

crystal reed for mind

The sense of smell is a significant part of our everyday life, even if you may not realize it but the effects of aromatherapy are incredible! For example, you need inspiration for an upcoming project but you don’t know where to start. Perhaps a crystal reed diffuser can help you with that!

Reed diffusers with black obsidian crystals can have a soothing impact which allows you to relax and eventually break into your creative zone. New research shows that essential oils can increase attention and memory.

When it comes to fragrance, choose something that can make you feel calm and inspired. The combination of essential oils such as sea salt and sage can help awaken your thoughts to enhance the productivity of a person throughout the day. The scent of sea salt can cleanse and energize your mind, recreating the vibration from moving water, while sage can purify and relax your body.

So, place a crystal reed diffuser at your desk or place of work to get ready to slay the day! ✨ 

3. Crystal-Infused Reed Diffusers add vibrancy into your home 

crystal reed diffuser

Crystal reed diffusers and scented candles can be a decorative feature that can bring a bright and beautiful touch to your home. You can either put it in the centerpiece of your home or in the corners. A reed diffuser with an Amethyst crystal will make your room smell great and a sense of elegance and simplicity.

One of the great things about reed diffusers is its simplicity. You will only refill it when the liquid runs out. These kinds of oil diffusers can last up to six months, saving you both time and money. You only have to put the diffuser in a place that will allow the scent to penetrate the whole room.

Find the perfect fragrance that works for you to bring peace and serenity into your environment daily. Finding the ideal scent for you may bring calm and tranquility into your environment on a daily basis. 🌿

Final Thoughts

Crystal reed diffusers are an excellent way to bring powerful aroma and healing to your spaceFrom bedroom to living room, these are ideal for any house since they can be used in different environments. Reed diffusers are useful for a variety of purposes apart from providing a space with a pleasant fragrance. It can also help improve your cognitive performance and induce a good sleeping environment.

Experience our exquisite aromatherapy blend infused with vibrational energy stored in crystals - bringing positive energy into your space. Designed in New Zealand by Rivendell, these crystal-infused reed diffusers are a New Zealand first.

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