Collection: Green Stone Necklaces, Bracelets & Pendants

Our collection of Pounamu Greenstone are all handmade locally in the South Island of New Zealand.

Each of our New Zealand greenstone pounamu necklaces is finished to the highest quality, lovingly carved by hand.

The South Island is also known as Te Waipounamu, which translates to “the waters of greenstone”, and is the only place in New Zealand that greenstone is found.

Brief meanings of various Maori designs in Bone Carvings and Greenstone:

  • The Fish Hook (Hei Matau) is known to symbolise prosperity and safe travels over water
  • The Koru symbol represents new beginnings, growth and regeneration
  • The Twist (Pikorua) is known to symbolise the path of life and strong bonds of love between one another
  • The Tiki is known to symbolise mana, power and honour

All of Rivendell's Greenstone/Pounamu:

  • Are Locally sourced
  • Are Locally Carved
  • Are handmade in New Zealand
  • Come in an elegant Rivendell Gift Box

Exact size and shape of carvings may vary slightly given the individual carving of each piece.