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Humans have been burning candles almost since the beginning of civilisation as a source of light, comfort and spirituality. It is not known when we began to add fragrance and essential oils into the wax of candles in order to enjoy a slow, soft release of aroma, but it has quickly become a popular way of enjoying the most treasured scents.


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2623 reviews
Lovely piece

Was disappointed there was no gift bag or box. Wrapped in cling wrap was not expected.


Lovely piece. Was disappointed there was no box. Wrapped in cling film was not what u expected.

Vortex spinner beautiful, but rusts immediately if exposed outside. Keep inside!

Thought it would be safe to hang outside under a bit of shelter so it could blow in the wind, but in one week, it has already got spots of rust on it which is pretty disappointing. Otherwise it looks beautiful.

Kamini Fragrance Oil Dragon's Blood

Kamini Incense Bundle
Michelle Cobham

Absolutely awesome!! Thankyou