Collection: Copper Bracelets

Copper bracelets can easily be pulled or bent to fit almost anyone's wrist size and shape.

Copper Magnetic Bracelet Information: The human body is made up of magnetic fields. The air around us contains magnetic force which we absorb. Modern day electrical equipment lessens the amount of magnetic force in the air.

Copper magnetic bracelets let your system absorb copper which is lacking in our soil and at the same time, the small magnets inserted in each end of the bracelet allow your body to absorb magnetism compensating for the loss of magnetic force in the air due to electrical interference e.g. Computers, Microwaves, High tension wires and all electrical appliances. Magnets in copper bracelets are bi polar or like a row of magnets set out end on end, these magnets are strong enough to penetrate the skin providing extra magnetic force to our bodies.

These bracelets are not meant as a healing aid but rather as a means of compensating for the loss of magnetic energy in the air which in turn should benefit our health. Wear your copper bracelet on your negative side ie. right handers should wear it on their left hand and left handers should wear it on their right hand.