Find compatible light bulbs for your lamp here.

We stock the right light bulb for your Himalayan Salt Lamps and Turkish Mosaic Lamps so you can continue enjoying your lamp without interruption!

Our Himalayan Salt Lamp Bulbs come in different wattage depending on your desired brightness and size of Salt Lamp.

Together with dimmer leads, these Himalayan Salt Lamp bulbs will extend your lamp's longevity.

Our Salt Lamp Bulb collection are heat resistant up to 300 degrees and lastsup to 1,000 hours, ensuring extra longevity for your coveted Salt Lamp.

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Chevron Amethyst point for crystal water bottle

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Himalayan Salt Lamps 1.5-2kg Range

Dragons Blood

I have been buying this for years and still get commented on daily about how good I smell. Love this stuff. Will never grow old to me!!