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Find compatible light bulbs for your lamp here.

We stock the right light bulb for your Himalayan Salt Lamps and Turkish Mosaic Lamps so you can continue enjoying your lamp without interruption!

Our Himalayan Salt Lamp Bulbs come in different wattage depending on your desired brightness and size of Salt Lamp.

Together with dimmer leads, these Himalayan Salt Lamp bulbs will extend your lamp's longevity.

Our Salt Lamp Bulb collection are heat resistant up to 300 degrees and lastsup to 1,000 hours, ensuring extra longevity for your coveted Salt Lamp.

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1343 reviews
3 x crystals purchased

Tigers eye, lapis, and opalite crystals beautiful! Delivery very fast. Bought these for my grandkids and they love them. THANK YOU.

Incense scent that never let's you down

Perfect scent for my lounge. It lasts all day. Everyone comments on the amazing smell

Muck incense

Beautiful thanks so much

Stack of pebbles backflow incense cone burner

It has a really cool effect, with the smoke just settling around it rather than drifting upwards.


Even before i could take it out , the first time i looked at it i felt the connection! And the colour is beautiful and very fast shipping!