Collection: Tumbled Crystals

At Rivendell, we have a huge range of authentic Tumbled Crystals which are sourced from all over the world - here is a photo of some of our collection!

Crystals have a variety of effects, and our job as New Zealand's leading crystal shop is to provide you with the biggest range of beautiful, natural crystals pieces - whether that be tum

Tumbled crystals are especially good collectibles, so that you can collect a range of small crystals to either carry with you in a pouch, display around your room or house, or use as healing tools with chakras.

Children often begin their journeys with tumbled crystals too, as they're easily accessible and can be a nice way for them to start their collection, while getting to know more about the different types of crystals.

Let us know if your desired stone isn't yet available online and we can make sure to accelerate the experience :)

Tumbled Crystals Collection at Rivendell