4 ways to open your root chakra

4 ways to open your root chakra

Do you binge-eat when you’re stressed? Do you often worry about being able to pay for the essentials in life like rent and food? If you answered yes, your root chakra might be a bit out of whack. Last week we gave an overview of all of the different chakras, so this week we’re focusing on the chakra that gives us our foundation and everything we need to survive.

Sitting at the very base of your spine, the root chakra when open helps us feel confident to stand on our own two feet and we feel safe and secure. When it is closed or blocked, we may feel as though we are on shaky ground with a high sense of insecurity.

So how do we keep it open?

1. Burn earthy incense and essential oils
You might know the feeling of calm that tends to come over you whenever you can smell incense or essential oils. Because this chakra is based on our foundations and is made up of an earth energy, using sandalwood, rosewood, patchouli and ginger can help to open it.

2. Practice poses that stabilise you
Yoga is a calming and safe practice, but certain poses help to open your root chakra in particular. Try mountain pose, warrior pose, or one of our personal favourites, child’s pose, and see how you feel afterwards!

3. Connect with the earth
One of the best ways to heal and open your root chakra is to get reacquainted with the earth. Try to mindfully walk barefoot on the grass or dirt to help reconnect you with the earth, your foundations, and your root chakra.

4. Use earthy healing crystals
Because the colour red is associated with this chakra, working with red crystals can help to realign it. Try holding a red jasper to aid balance, wearing a red carnelian to help you with any feelings of fear, and use obsidian as it’s a fantastic protection stone that can help you to feel a greater sense of security.

Next week, we’ll look at the ‘pleasure’ chakra, the sacral chakra!

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