6 Best Incense for Healing at Home

6 Best Incense for Healing at Home

6 Best Incense for Healing at Home

Incense has played an essential role in most cultures for decades. People used incense for a variety of purposes, particularly healing. Throughout history, incense can treat ailments, and up to this day, people are still benefiting from its healing powers. ✨

So, what exactly can healing incense help with? Answer: Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy can help you with anything from nausea to anxiety. And it might be best for you to find the best incense for healing if you have trouble with life, especially during the pandemic.

Healing is a series of steps, yet relying on incense can help you get started right away, quickly and effortlessly. In this post, we've listed down the scents suitable for healing and how to use them. So, let's go!

What's the Best Incense for Healing?

For years, people have been using incense for healing. Pick the scent that appears to be the best fit for the healing energy you need in your life. Here are some of the best incenses for healing: 

1. Lavender Incense

Lavender incense can make you feel rejuvenated and relaxed. If you are struggling with stress, this is the right scent for your bedtime routine. The perfect time to use lavender is at night. 😴

Another way to use it is to burn lavender blossoms during meditation. The scent of the flower relaxes your muscles, lowers the production of stressors, and increases your sense of relaxation.

Aside from being one of the best incense for healing, lavender promotes a good night's sleep and reduces depression. Uninterrupted sleep helps you prevent nightmares and allows your body to restore energy as you sleep. In addition, you feel rejuvenated after a whole night's rest because lavender encourages relaxation.

2. Chamomile Incense

Chamomile incense has long been a symbol of friendship and strength during difficulty. It is an incense that brings energy and tranquility to face daily struggles. Chamomile incense restores calmness and peace during chaotic situations. You can use its smoke to cleanse your environment. ✨

So if you are feeling overwhelmed and disoriented, then the greatest incense you may pick is Chamomile. Since it has many health advantages, Chamomile improves digestion, cures injuries, reduces skin distress, and relieves pain. In addition, it is one of the greatest incense for alleviating anxiety and improving mental wellness. 😌

3. Sandalwood Incense

Sandalwood incense was an essential part of meditation practices and ceremonies in ancient India because it drives out bad energy. It is best for emotional trauma and healing, relaxation, balancing, and good energy improvement. The scent of Sandalwood contributes to reducing instances of worry and stress. 💆🏻‍♀️

Sandalwood is also great incense for sleep. It promotes a proper cycle of sleep. Since the fragrance reduces tension, it also decreases blood pressure, lessens heart attack, and the danger of stroke. Note that it's a different therapeutic approach and not a replacement for your blood pressure or other life-saving treatment.

Moreover, Sandalwood incense stimulates specific receptors that promote the formation of keratin in your brain, which is one of the healing elements for physical injuries. 

4. Champa Incense 

Another age-old, famous incense fragrance that people use for meditation is Nag Champa. Even the fragrance of the flora brings peace to mind. The scent promotes calmness and enhances focus. This way, you can enjoy a good book and light a Nag Champa incense to help you relax and recover brain energy after a long day. Although this incense doesn't reduce anxiety directly, it alleviates anxiety symptoms, making it easier to cope with your everyday routine. 💪🏼

5. Jasmine Incense


Jasmine incense is famous for its relaxing properties. Though promoting positivity is the main benefit of lighting jasmine incense. If you feel like doubting yourself, then Jasmine incense is the right scent to minimize the negative thoughts. 🚫

Jasmine is also the best remedy for anxiety-related sleep problems. Studies have shown that Jasmine is an efficient alternative drug to treat sleep disturbance, sadness, tension, and anxiety.

The aroma is known for enhancing cognitive performance, improving alertness and mood stability . Moreover, Jasmine is one of the few flavors of incense that can promote satisfaction and happiness by lowering stress and tension. Also, it reduces fatigue and improves productivity.

6. Lemongrass Relaxing Incense


Lemongrass incense is a relaxing aroma often used by people who want a scent to experience total happiness. Adding Lemongrass to your aromatherapy can boost your mood, enhance your energy, and bring positivity to your day. 💃🏼

It is known for promoting enlightenment and improving tranquility, which produces deep sleep in return. Furthermore, the inhalation of the incense of Lemongrass promotes relaxation and concentration.

Final Words: Use Incense with Precaution

The lighting of incense may not only cleanses the air at home but also removes terrible energy involving health, relationships, profession, finance, and spirituality. In addition, the aroma emitted from incense can lower tension and provide relaxation.

With that, the fumes coming from the incense may be unsuitable for everyone, particularly people with respiratory problems such as asthma, pneumonia and lung disease, etc. Also, high quantities of carbon monoxide from the combustion of incense can potentially affect people with heart issues

The incredible thing is that there are alternatives for incense that won't endanger your health and your family's. For example, you might use essential oil or aromatic indoor plants such as peppermint, citrus fruit, and rosemary. But if you'd like to burn incense to cleanse the air in your environment and enhance your general well-being, ensure that the room has good ventilation

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