7 Best Crystals for Love and Attraction for 2023

7 Best Crystals for Love and Attraction for 2023

Love month may be over, but love crystals are here to stay. So whether you're seeking new love or want to keep your relationship spicy, adding crystals for attracting love to your arsenal is worth considering. While there is no such thing as love potions, in reality, there is such a thing as energy, and energy can be pretty powerful. 

Because crystals produce natural energy, it can be beneficial to opt for crystals that encourage love and passion. Even if you don't believe in the power of crystals, all self-help books advise you should feel positive vibrations in your life. The best way to do this is to have visible love crystals in your room, reminding you to put your best foot forward. ✨

Whether looking to give your relationship a boost or need to mend a broken heart, here are some healing crystals to help you entice more love into your life:

1. Rose Quartz 

How could we not start the list with what crystal is best for love? First, of course, it's the Rose quartz. It is the most well-known love stone and is often regarded by crystal healers as one of the most amazing gemstones for love. ❤️

The foundation of every meaningful love affair is a healthy and loving relationship with oneself. Rose quartz energy is a lovely heart-opener that aids in the cultivation of love, forgiveness, and compassion for others as well as for oneself.

If you want to soften the edges of your heart and work on your self-confidence, get simple rose quartz and let it rain down its gentle energy on you.

2. Moonstone 

Moonstones are excellent gemstones for everything related to love since they are strongly associated with soothing lunar energy. This white beauty brings couples together on many levels, including physical, emotional, and spiritual. It is often suggested for guys who want to connect with their feminine aspects and can help bring calm to a stressful relationship. Moonstone is a protective stone that also invites love. For a good night's sleep, place it beneath your pillow. 😴

If your relationship with your lover has been heading south recently, why won't you give it a try with this stunning gemstone?

3. Lapis Lazuli 

How frequently do you find yourself in a situation where you're unsure if you're pursuing the proper person or not? If the answer is often, let Lapis Lazuli be your guiding force. This lovely blue gemstone is said to bring clarity and adequate support in the pursuit of love. 💓

The rich blue of Lapis Lazuli has been known to captivate anyone who comes into contact with it. It awakens the higher mind and improves intellectual aptitude by stimulating the Third Eye Chakra. This stone promotes dignity, honesty, compassion, harmony, and straightforwardness in relationships.

4. Ruby

Ruby is one of those love crystals that almost everyone recommends. Its rich, deep red conjures love, power, and passion images. This stone was thought to hold humanity's lineage and was worn as an amulet to ward against death and sickness

You may utilize this stone to enhance the Base Chakra and increase energy or chi. It gets its name from the Latin word Rubeus, which means red. It may make a person feel delighted to be alive in the physical world. It can also attract love, incredibly loyal and deep commitments. 💓

Not only it can make you seem sensual and attractive, but it also teaches you how to seduce. So this is the perfect gemstone to choose if you want to excite your partner's sense of desire and romance.

5. Jade

What is love, if not a place for two people to develop and grow together? Jade, for example, is a gemstone that perfectly suits this idea of love. From creating trust and supporting the healthy growth of the two in a relationship, Jade does it all and does it well!

Many people believe that Jade is the Crystal of Love. This is because its green colour harmonizes with the green of the Heart Chakra and aids in the formation of new relationships. This gemstone encourages love early in life and inspires love later in life. It's the quintessential love and romance attractor. 😍

Jade also soothes your emotions if you're anxious about your partner's fidelity because it improves trustworthiness between couples. Wearing or carrying a piece of Jade in your pocket will allow its energy to enter your Heart Chakra, bringing you calm, balance, and good fortune.

6. Green Aventurine 

It would be unfair not to include Green Aventurine in the list of love gems. This stone is ideal for the later phases of a relationship. It's linked to the Heart Chakra and can help you get through the ups and downs of a long-term relationship. 💕

Green is the heart chakra's colour, our energetic love centre. Therefore, it's only natural that a Green Aventurine would offer positive energy and a solid, earthy foundation to your romantic life. Green aventurine, often known as the "ultimate good-luck stone," is prized for rekindling long-term relationships or assisting individuals in opening their hearts to new partners after heartache.

7. Rhodonite 

Rhodonite, a sister stone of rhodochrosite, can be pretty useful if you're dealing with heartache or attempting to negotiate the dating scene. But, at the same time, your romantic scars are still raw. 💔

Many people feel that this is one of the most effective stones for resolving emotional trauma. Rhodonite may also be used as a first-aid stone to help with emotional pain and anxiety. This stone assists the bearer in overcoming feelings of envy, anguish, and other harmful emotions following a heartbreak. It also offers the bearer the ability to forgive and reconcile traumatic problems gently and honestly. Some people believe that Rhodonite is a stone that will wake you up, especially if you're in denial about your existing relationship. 

How to use love crystal for a better love life?

So now we've revealed the ideal gemstones for love. Here are a few suggestions on how to use them properly:

1. Meditate to set intentions

Meditating with crystals is perhaps the most crucial step in using them to attract love. To boost the energy of your love stones, visualize and create intentions through mindfulness. 🧘🏼‍♀️

2. Wear to attract love

Dressing yourself up with beautiful gemstone jewellery will not only make you look lovely but will also attract romantic attention. Wearing sterling silver jewellery with love crystal can activate your energy and attract inviting feelings that can help you choose the right partner. 💍

3. Place it on chakras

To improve your love life, place your crystal on your Heart Chakra. The love crystal will protect you from all forms of negativity while also illuminating your romantic life. ✨

Final Thoughts

Crystals help you have a better relationship by attracting happiness, hope, and optimism. However, a lesser-known reality is that they also help you prepare for relationships by instilling trust, compassion, and selflessness. So, the next time you go shopping, why not grab some crystals for love?

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