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7 Reasons To Keep a Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp Around

Better air quality, more relaxing ambience, stress management or sharper focus at work, keepingHimalayan salt lampsat your work desk or bedside can bring in multiple benefits. Made by placing light bulbs inside large chunks of pink Himalayan salt,Himalayan pink salt lamps are a must-have in your living space. Here are 7 reasons why: 

1 –Neutralize Electromagnetic Radiation 

Living in the digital age, we can’t imagine our lives without tech appliances such as computers, tablets, televisions, air conditioners, geysers and cell phones, etc., which all emit electromagnetic radiation. 

Although the damage caused by radiation may not be immediately apparent, constant exposure to it increases risk of certain cancers such as breast cancer, melanoma, brain cancer, lymphoma and leukemia. It also weakens the immune system and causes fatigue and increased stress over the long term. 

While these appliances of everyday use constantly release positive ions (radiation) into the air,salt lamps help neutralize this electromagnetic radiation from our home and work spaces by emitting negative ions.  

A curious case of something negative ringing in positive news and vice versa!

Salt Lamp Tea Light Holder

2 –Clean and Deodorize the Air for Better Breathing

Having aHimalayan salt lampinstalled in your room or work cabin helps remove airborne toxins. These lamps help in cleaning the air through hygroscopy, a phenomenon of absorbing contaminated water molecules from their surroundings and locking them into this crystal. 

So what purpose does this serve?

Doing so helps remove cigarette smoke, dust or any other pollutants from the air we breathe.  The science involved simply explained, right?  ☺ 

Salty air also helps clear air passages and thus enables room occupant(s) to breathe deeper and healthier. 

Isn’t deep breathing a basic step of meditation and crucial for a sound sleep at night!  Need we say more?

 Himalayan Salt Lamp Bowl

3 –Prevent Allergies and Control Asthma 

You thought air pollution existed only when you stepped outside? Indoor air pollution seemed like a contradiction in terms? 

Far from it, indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air, a study conducted by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) has found.

We know you are wondering now what all constitutes indoor air pollution!

Answer - Varnishes, chemicals used in a few paints, chemical cleaners, mold and smoke. 

Himalayan pink salt lamps can filter dust, mold, pet dander and mildew from indoor air. Just as you inhale steam or a nasal saline spray to clear a blocked nose, these salt lamps prevent all kinds of allergies. 

Even asthma patients have claimed that havingHimalayan salt lamps around aids breathing. Such is the success these lamps have enjoyed thatHimalayan salt inhalers are now in the market for patients suffering from asthma, bronchitis and respiratory diseases. 

Another thumbs-up to thesesalt lamps. Buy them now! Read morehere.

4 –De-stress To Get Sound Sleep 

Himalayan pink salt lamps emit negative ions, which send out relaxing vibes. This not only helps reduce stress and anxiety, but also allows you to get a sound sleep at night and feel energized the next morning. Keep aHimalayan salt lamp in your bedroom to enjoy these benefits.

These lamps can also be used in colour therapy (chromotherapy), a way to diagnose and treat many illnesses. Orange, yellow and red light from these lamps helps deal with attention deficit disorder. It’s particularly beneficial for those who suffer from insomnia or irregular sleeping patterns. This light is believed to balance physical, spiritual and emotional energies. 

So now you can wake up to asalt lamp-led brighter (and fresher) tomorrow. Indeed, there’s light after the night!  ☺ 

Watch this video to know more aboutHimalayan salt lamps and their benefits:   

5 –Increase Blood Flow and Boost Energy Levels 

Research has shown that negative ions emitted byHimalayan pink salt lamps can increase blood flow. This not only helps cure many disorders of the vascular system, but also prevents damage to lungs.

Negative ions fromsalt lampsboost energy levels, cure depression and put you in a cheerful mood, unlike positive ions from electromagnetic radiation that weaken the body leaving you jaded.  You start feeling as fresh and energetic with these lamps around after the daily work grind as someone who feels rejuvenated being away from office by spending time in the lap of nature.

Are the health-conscious among you now curious to delve deeper into the topic? Check out ourblog to find out more aboutHimalayan salt lamps

6 –Improve Focus and Work Productivity 

The negative ions emitted fromHimalayan pink salt lampsaccelerate supply of blood and oxygen to the brain, improving concentration. With sharper focus and reduced stress, work productivity goes up. 

And that’s not all. 

Negative ions insalt lamps boost neurotransmitter serotonin, which ensures that you stay in a happy and fulfilled state of mind and body, always.

7 –Acts as Decorative Lighting for a Relaxing Nighttime Ambience

AHimalayan salt lamp emits a pinkish orange glow that reminds one of sunset. It can be used as a beautiful interior decoration and acts as a natural source of light. To many people, the fact that this lamp works as a lovely décor and creates a soothing and relaxing ambience inside your room/bedroom is reason enough to purchase it. 

And it would be totally worth it when it helps you fall asleep before bedtime!  ☺

Some of these lights come fitted with adimmer control switch that helps you to set the lamp at an optimal glow according to your mood or need. As its different designs cater to a variety of needs, they make for ideal night lights

Sample another situation. If a light left switched on at the time of going to bed hurts your eyes and a pitch dark room isn’t much to your liking either, usingdim lights could be the perfect middle ground to put you to sleep and reach the washroom if you had to wake up in the middle of the night.

Haven’t we given you enough reasons to order yourHimalayan pink salt lamp already?

Browse Himalayan Salt Lamps now to find the perfect Salt Lamp for you.
Amy Okamura-Kho
Amy Okamura-Kho

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