Best Crystal Trees for Beginners

Best Crystal Trees for Beginners

Best Crystal Trees for Beginners

With stunning crystals that absorbs and emits light, crystal trees exhibit the wonders of nature. A Crystal Tree, for example, may create a location where chi can easily flow while also attract positive things. Therefore, when choosing a crystal tree for your house, the main factor to bear in mind is what you need it for.  🙏🏼 

Do you have issues with your partner? Do you struggle to make ends meet? Do you seem to be getting sick all the time?

Consider that each crystal or gemstone has unique properties that you may use to focus on various aspects of your life. So if you're looking for a crystal tree, you're in the right place! So, here are the best crystal trees for beginners:

1. Amethyst Crystal Tree

The Amethyst crystal tree is recognized for its therapeutic capabilities. Hence, it is frequently used as a mindfulness tool to help you relax and ease stress and worry. It is also said to be a symbol of fortune. 💰🧧

Moreover, Amethyst Crystal is beneficial to persons who suffer from addictions to various drugs. It can calm the mind, decreasing the desire for substance consumption. This gem is frequently used to maintain sobriety and avoid harmful habits due to its desirable characteristic. It's also considered to cleanse your head of any negative ideas, replacing them with positive chi, restoring your happiness and health. Amethyst is supposed to aid in good sleep and enough restful slumber. 

2. Rose Quartz Crystal Tree

On the other side, Rose quartz brings good luck in love and relationships, making it a favourite stone among people seeking love. In addition, Rose Quartz may help you strengthen your relationships and your personal qualities. For instance, you may have a more incredible feeling of sensitivity, allowing you to be more open and accepting with others around you. This will also bring you happiness. 🥰

Negative thoughts like jealously, shame, bitterness, and anger will go away. But, at the same time, positive emotions like contentment, acceptance of one's authentic self, and self-love will grow. With that, you will become a happier person and a more appealing person to others around you.

3. Green Aventurine Crystal Tree

Green Aventurine is a gemstone with significant spiritual healing properties that may aid in the mending of mental distractions like hatred and tension, transforming them with a quiet peacefulness. So, it's prevalent among people who want to develop their leadership skills. 👩🏼‍💼🧑🏻‍💼 💪🏼

This Aventurine crystal tree helps improve self-confidence and leadership qualities for people in challenging jobs. It will offer you an advantage over your peers, letting you unleash the abilities necessary to advance in your profession. It enables improved decision-making and fast, brilliant thinking. It will also instill a sense of enthusiasm and warmth in your colleagues and supervisors, making you more well-liked. Aventurine is also a powerful stone for attracting wealth.

4. Yellow Quartz Crystal Tree

Lastly, the Yellow Quartz Crystal Tree dispels negative energies of all types and promotes mental well-being. It helps you clear your mind of opposing ideas and cloudy judgment, lowering self-destructive tendencies; instead, Yellow Quartz increases joy, cheer, and satisfaction. It has been used to help people overcome anxieties, emotional traumas, sorrow, and phobias.

Moreover, it alleviates sadness, anger, self-doubt, and unreasonable mood swings and creates inner serenity. Also, Yellow Quartz promotes honesty and boosts creativity. 

Where to Put your Crystal Trees

Here are some tips on the placement of this good luck symbol:

1) Placing a Crystal Tree in the centre of the main family room is thought to boost family harmony and bonding. ❤️

2) To enhance your study abilities and boost your memory and concentration, put a Crystal Tree on your work or study desk. 👨🏼‍💻👩🏻‍💻

3) The Northwest area of your house is the Mentor Luck zone. So, placing a Crystal tree in this area is thought to bring money, luck and help from influential individuals in your professional life. 👫🏼

4) To boost success in the fields of love and romance, and  family harmony, put a Crystal Tree in the Southwest corner of your bedroom or family room. It will help in bringing partners closer together or revitalizing a stale relationship. 👩‍❤️‍👨

5) Position your crystal tree in the Southeast area to bring money and wealth luck. 

Final Thought

One perk of crystal trees is that there are no specific instructions on caring for them. Instead, simply select one, purify and program it, then display it in your house, workplace, or room. Then, you should notice instant improvements in the atmosphere of your home.

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