Christmas Gift Ideas 2022

Christmas Gift Ideas 2022

Finding the ideal present for your loved ones can be challenging. So, to help you come up with some great gift ideas, we decided to compile a blog highlighting the items that our customers rave about the most over the holiday season. It might be tough to choose from all of the beautiful greenstone jewellery in our collection, but with the help of our guide when purchasing greenstone as a gift, you'll find the ideal piece to give as a show of your affection.

Toki Pendant (Adze)

One of the most popular holiday gifts is the Toki due to its symbolic design and history. Pounamu Toki is associated with strength, courage, and tenacity.

The past few years have been very difficult, so gifting a Toki necklace to friends and family symbolises a celebration of their strength, success and bravery. Our New Zealand stone Toki necklaces are beautiful gifts for men, women, and children.

Greenstone Toki Pendant

Dimensions: 35 x 20mm

Get it here for $79.00





Greenstone Toki Pendant with Oblique Cut

Dimensions: 50 x 20 mm

Get it here for $110.00





Large Greenstone Toki Pendant

Dimensions: 65mm x 20mm

Get it here for $169.00




Tiki Pendant

The Hei Tiki is a symbol that depicts the human shape and one's ancestors. It is traditionally given from parent to kid or used to provide protection and good fortune. It is a connection between the past, the present, and the future. The Tiki is also known to symbolise mana, power and honour.


Large Greenstone Tiki Pendant

Dimensions: 40 x 21mm

Get it here for $159.00




Heart Greenstone

The heart shape of Pounamu is a symbol of harmony, open communication, and deep bonds of affection. It is a constant reminder of unconditional love.  Beautifully crafted from genuine New Zealand Pounamu, these heart pendants are an excellent gift idea. The Heart Greenstone Pendant with Koru indentation is a significant and remarkable piece of jewellery that symbolises peace, tranquillity, new beginnings, and positive change. Therefore, it would be a meaningful gift for a loved one. 

Greenstone Heart Stud Earring

Dimensions: Approximately 12 x 12mm

Get it here for $95.00





Heart Greenstone Pendant with Carved Detail

Dimensions: 25 x 25 mm 

Get it here for $95.00





Heart Greenstone Pendant with Koru Indentation

Dimensions: 30 x 30 mm 

Get it here for $95.00



Manaia Pendant

The Manaia, which resembles an "S" or an "S" turned upside down, is a more intricate pattern surrounded by ornamentation. This means "containing mana" or having prestige and power. The form represents the three elements of the sky, earth, and sea and is sometimes shown with the head of a bird, the body of a man, or the tail of a fish. It has spiritual guidance serving to ward against harm and offer a good fortune to the wearer.


Manaia Pendant

Get it here for $92.00





Koru Greenstone

The Maori term Koru refers to any fold, loop, or coil. In addition, a curled sprout, such as one found on a Ponga tree, goes by this term.

This term connotes new beginnings, regeneration, continuity, wholeness, development, and peace. The Koru is a common motif in Maori art and culture, appearing not just in textiles but also in carvings made of wood, bone, and stone, as well as in tattoos.

Koru Greenstone Earrings

Dimensions: Approximately 15 x15mm

Get it here for $125.00





Twist (Pikorua)

The Pikorua, or single twist, form depicts the ever-changing new directions life might take at any given moment. The relationship, loyalty, and love shared by two persons are represented by the figure eight shape. This form symbolises the inevitable ups and downs that occur in each relationship, as well as the relentlessness of one another.

Pendants with two or three twists symbolise the ties that bind various cultures. They served as a token of friendship between different tribes and were frequently exchanged as gifts. Stunning and meaningful, these pendants are the perfect token of appreciation for a special friendship or love.


Single Twist Pikorua Greenstone Earrings

Dimensions: Approximately 15 x 10mm

Get it here for $120.00





Double Twist Pikorua Greenstone Earrings

Dimensions: Approximately 15 x 10mm

Get it here for $145.00





Twist Pikorua Greenstone Pendant - Double Twist with Bead

Approximate dimensions: 30 x 20 mm

Get it here for $150.00





Twist Pikorua Greenstone Pendant - Single Twist 

Approximate dimensions: 30 x 17 mm

Get it here for $150.00



Greenstone Whale Tail Pendant

In Maori culture, the whale represented a higher power.  Maori relied on whales for food and tools. Whales and dolphins helped some Maori cross the South Pacific during the Great Migration. Thus, whales and dolphins symbolise protection, including protection for travellers.


Greenstone Whale Tail Pendant 

Dimensions: 65x 20mm

Get it here for $139.00




Holiday Gift Box 2022

Holidays have a way of making anyone feel good—and if you're looking for the best gift ideas for everyone on your list, this article is your ultimate source. We've done the hard work putting together a bunch of cool, unique and valuable Christmas gifts to suit every occasion—plus, we're more than happy to help with your present shopping.

1. Self-Care Gift Box 

This Self Care Gift Box gives a gentle nod to all forms of love, from cultivating a more healing communication with their family to strengthening ties with their partner and friends and even introducing gentler self-care practises into their own life. It comes with a stunning crystal point pendant, a soothing scented candle and a crystal bead bracelet — all the nice things that will serve as a gentle reminder that they are loved. 🥰

Since Rose Quartz's healing ability is tied to their heart chakra, they will feel cared for and valued. In addition, the stone emits a more peaceful vibration, which gives off the same kind of cosy feeling they get when they’re among their loved ones.

Best Gift for:

  • Moms or moms-to-be
  • Your partner
  • Your daughter

Get it here for $59.99.

2. Aromatherapy Gift Box

This Aromatherapy Bundle could be the perfect option for busy people looking to bring a sense of calmness into their homes. The set comes with crystal-infused candles that they will adore, including a candle with a deliciously fragrant Patchouli and Wild Pear, one with a peaceful Vanilla scent, and another with a relaxing Lavender scent. These aromatherapy candles have a special quality that can completely transform the ambience of their house. It will improve sleep quality and reduce overall stress levels. 💆🏻‍♀️

Crystal-infused candles are created to spread a healing vibe around their home and to make it easier to unwind after a long day

Best Gift for:

  • Your friend

  • Your boss

  • A work colleague 

Get it here for $79.99.

3. Stress Relief Gift Box

Everyone could use a little more time to relax. Scents like vanilla, strawberry, and sandalwood may be quite calming. 🌸

This Stress Relief Bundle, which comes with crystal-infused candles and a tiny crystal perfume bottle, will help them feel better immediately. With this cute Mini Perfume Bottle Necklace, they can always smell their favourite scent. The twist-top bottle is also a beautiful way to make a statement.

Best Gift for:

  • Your mom

  • Your partner

  • Your sister

Get it here for $99.95. 

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