Best Crystals for Sleep: And Where to Put Them?

Best Crystals for Sleep: And Where to Put Them?

Sleep is one of the most crucial components of our health and well-being, but it's also one of the hardest to get. As a result, most of us suffer sleep problems, whether it's difficulty getting asleep or feeling rested when we wake up. Once you're ready to take issues into your own control, you may come to crystals for sleep to achieve relaxation.  

Crystals may contribute to bringing soothing and serene energy into the bedroom, which can help you obtain a decent night's rest. It is crucial to have calming routines before night to promote deep and restful sleep. Various crystals and gemstones, with their own vibrations and therapeutic powers, can help to ease tension and anxiety. 💆🏻‍♀️

As long as you're in good health, there's no danger in experimenting with crystals as a sleep aid. On the other hand, using too many crystals can keep you awake at night, so it's crucial to determine which crystal for sleep is best for you. 

The Best Crystals for Sleep

When it comes to sleeping well, you're probably looking for a stone that prevents nightmares and encourages happy dreams. We've compiled a list of the most delicate crystals for sleep below so you can go on your way to a restful night's sleep. 


The centering force of Agate helps in finding stability and balance. Agate grounds you in your current life and allows you to give yourself permission to calm down in time for bedtime. It can be handy when you feel exhausted or haven't had an opportunity to rest all day. Place an Agate underneath your pillow for a good night's sleep.  😴

Rose Quartz

Reassuring and soothing, Rose Quartz is a gentle healer perfect for the bedroom or beside the bed. Rose Quartz is claimed to send good vibrations to your bedroom and a restful night's sleep. 🛏

Hold the Rose Quartz stone firmly in your palm before going to bed, focusing on any fears you want to let go of before you sleep. 



Selenite is one of the highest vibration crystals that help purify and cleanse your spirit and surroundings. It removes negative energy in your bedroom, as well as in your mind and body, allowing you to unwind without hanging on to bad days. 😌

Due to its high-frequency vibrations, Selenite is the ideal crystal for an anxiety-free, peaceful slumber when put near the body. By removing any bad energy from your daily life, Selenite serves to provide serenity and harmony to your mind before bedtime. After a Selenite meditation, you can always count on a good night's sleep.


Since it contains lithium, which is known to help regulate anxiety and stress, Lepidolite is regarded as the Xanax of healing stones. It's a relaxing gemstone that helps with nightmares, sleep problems, and mental tension. You may get deeper sleep and give your mind a break from feeling overwhelmed by helping you find solace from anxiety and stress.

Before heading to sleep, place Lepidolite on your third eye for 5 minutes. Feelings of worry or stress will be drawn out and replaced with a playful and pleasant attitude.💃🏼


Howlite is a soothing gemstone that effectively remedies insomnia, mainly caused by a hyperactive mind. It is claimed to provide deep and comfortable sleep. 

The healing energy of Howlite is ideal for individuals who suffer from recurring bad dreams and sleeplessness. It adds an extra layer of protection to the mind and repels all bad energy. This stone may be the appropriate choice for you if you're seeking relaxation or calm before night. 😌

Putting a Howlite next to your bed will fill your room with light and pleasant energy. Keep it beside your bedside or under your pillow for a good night's sleep. 


Angelite stones provide a high-quality and relaxing sleep every night with their healing energy. Angelite also helps with insomnia and soothes the body if you live a fast-paced, demanding lifestyle. 💼

Simply set the stones on the four corners of your bed to employ Angelite's power to relieve sleeplessness and anxiety. You may also use the gemstones for meditation for a sense of peace when bedtime comes.


When it comes to mental and physical health advantages, many experts praise the healing energy of Fluorite. For example, people who use Fluorite's energy for sleep gets a high-quality, deep calm sense that improves your sleeping experience. 💤

Fluorite is also supposed to help you unwind during sleep and life by bringing impurities to the surface and ensuring proper balance. To be free of worries before bed, spin the crystal clockwise above your head and near your body to include Fluorite into your nighttime routine.  


Obtaining enough sleep is critical to resting and recharging our mind, body, and soul. Using crystals for sleep is an excellent technique to improve sleep quality and cure insomnia and other sleep problems. In addition, by increasing or supporting better and more frequent dream experiences, crystals can also help us improve our relationship with our higher self. Crystals are a natural, safe, and healthy approach to getting a better night's sleep. So get yours today and enjoy a better night's sleep! ✨

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