Decorate your home with Rivendell this Christmas

Decorate your home with Rivendell this Christmas

With Christmas right around the corner, you might have all of your gifts planned out and the menu for the big day all sorted. But with all of your friends and family around, why not make your home as relaxed and zen as you can? Plus, if they love your Rivendell pieces, you’ll know just what to get them as a gift next Christmas!


Enchant your guests with a Crystal Vortex Spinner

These little wonders are a fantastic conversation-starter and will look stunning in your home or garden. Hang a few around your outdoor areas for maximum appeal - they’ll intrigue your older family members and absolutely delight the little ones. 

If you want to take the Christmas effect up a notch, get a few red and green ones to really get into the spirit!


Create a fairy garden with Crystal Trees

Crystal trees are a beautiful addition to any home and make for a unique and magical space. Place one on your windowsill where it’ll catch the light and the eye, or gather a few of them together to create your very own fairy forest as a centrepiece at your Christmas table!


Create a Crystal Pendant display

Not only are Crystal Point Pendants beautiful and healing jewellery, but you can also hang them around your home to disperse their energy into the room or garden. Hang a few in the branches of your trees, or around the entrances to your home to make all of your guests feel calm and welcome. 

Tip: Goldstone and Green Aventurine pendants will give out extra Christmassy vibes and offer an abundance of happiness and success!


Get good vibes with a Himalayan Salt Lamp

In case you didn’t know, everyone wants to get their hands on one of these compelling creations. Instantly creating a relaxed and warming atmosphere, salt lamps are one of the best things you can add to your home at any time of year, but especially during the silly season, as they’ll help to dispel negative energy and keep you calm.

Happy decorating everyone! And don’t forget that we offer overnight shipping on all North Island addresses and 2 day shipping for South Island addresses - that’s the perfect turnaround time for those last minute Christmas gifts! Shop online here. 

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