Five Mindblowing Facts about Water Features

Five Mindblowing Facts about Water Features

1. Water features originate from sources of water for cooking, cleaning and drinking

Stone basins as water fountains have been discovered as far back as 2000 B.C.! Sourced from nearby reservoirs or springs, public water fountains nourished the people with fresh drinking water. Throughout human history, water has been an essential resource and its no wonder that water features bring us comfort as they fulfill a requirement for survival!

2. Flowing water is a natural source of white noise which is innately soothing to humans

White noise is produced by combining sounds of all different frequencies together. During early human development, we are all exposed to white noise within the womb, making it an innately soothing stimulus. The gentle trickling of a water feature produces a mixture of different sound frequencies providing a source of white noise that is natural and calming for meditation and sleep.

3. Water features release negative ions which have been associated with improved mental health

Negative ions are molecules that have been charged with electricity. When water collides with itself, it releases negative ions into the environment. Negative ions have been shown in scientific studies to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety and improve cognitive performance.

4. Water features act as natural humidifiers, adding moisture to a dry room

Instead of electric humidifiers that can have unpleasant buzzing or motor sounds, water features humidify the air while emanating the soothing sound of running water. Water features have the added benefit of keeping your indoor plants healthy by adding extra humidity that is lost when heat or air conditioning units are running.

5. Running water attracts wildlife and is the centre of any ecosystem

Like us, our animal friends require fresh, clean water to thrive. Water features placed in your garden enhance your local ecosystem by providing an area for birds and dragonflies to drink and preen. This helps to create harmony between your property and the habitat around you.

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