Beginner’s Guide: How To Use A Singing Bowl for Meditation

Beginner’s Guide: How To Use A Singing Bowl for Meditation

While we have hectic lives, various things compete for our time, center, and energy. So setting aside some daily effort for ourselves to quiet our mind and soul for a few minutes is something that we should do.

Meditation, especially with a singing bowl, can help us rewire and reset our disrupted energetic system caused by negativity. Singing crystal bowls are used to create an optimal meditation atmosphere for increasing focus and reducing tension. They produce soothing, elevating, and tranquil sounds and vibrations for the mind. As a result, they are here to assist us in becoming more mindful of our surroundings and realign us with our intention and essence.

Although many individuals seek to incorporate singing bowls into their mindfulness practice, only a few people know how to do so correctly. So, we'll show you how to use a singing bowl for meditation.

How Do Singing Bowls Work?

The singing bowl's wave patterns are similar to those of alpha waves created by human minds. As a result, syncing them creates a soothing effect. People are familiar with proper treatment for the same reason. It is one of the most efficient and straightforward methods for calming minds and restoring balance.

Singing bowls have been utilized by our forefathers to awaken the deep frame of consciousness for generations. In addition, it is used to repair energy disturbances and improve them.

How to use a singing bowl for Meditation?

It's easier to use a singing bowl than you may imagine; however, beginners should practice it before taking it with them for mindfulness practice. The most essential thing is learning how to utilize it and take your time studying the many techniques.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

1. Holding a Singing Bowl when Meditating

Because singing bowls are used for meditation, they must be adequately held to achieve the desired harmonies and vibrations. If you don't handle the bowl correctly, it can produce disrupting sounds that can divert your mind and spoil your meditation practice. It's much easier to feel the vibrations into your hands when you're holding a singing bowl.

Here are a few tips on how to properly hold a singing bowl:

  1. Gently put the singing bowl in the palm of your non-dominant hand.
  2. Place the hand on your lap or a nearby surface
  3. Take the wooden striker in your other hand between your thumb and index, just like a pen.
  4. Softly balance the bowl on your palm instead of gripping it tightly while meditating.  

Note: Any metal rings can disrupt the sound produced by the singing bowl. So, before you begin to meditate, take off any metal rings you might be wearing.

2. Placing a Singing Bowl

If you have a heavy crystal singing bowl, you can put it on a surface directly in front of you. Placing it on a cushion can help prevent vibrations from influencing nearby surfaces.

Nonetheless, the singing bowl must be placed close to you. When you place the crystal singing bowl too far away from you, your body is forced to bend forward, putting extra strain on your lower back. Chronic back pain and disc herniation may result from this strain.

3. Finding the Perfect Vibrations

When incorporating a singing bowl for meditation, it's critical to create resonating and soothing tunes. At first, you'll find it challenging to make your choice of relaxing sound, but with practice, you'll definitely improve.

Here a some beginner's tips for you:

Strike Softly: Don't go too hard; apply gentle pressure to start. Then, go with soft strikes to produce tunes that will help you relax.

Find Your Comfort: Hit the bowl on the outside or inside rim, holding it at different angles to see how it responds. (Here's a bit of advice: Start with a 45° angle because it's the simplest to play with.) Eventually, you'll begin to notice which parts and pressures produce the melodies that you enjoy the most.

Use Water: Fill the bowl with water to change the bowl's weight or the sound it makes.

Why Use A Singing Bowl?

Singing bowls are more than just decorative items. Together with the wooden mallet, the design of these bowls produces sounds that help us receive the pleasant things the Universe has in store for us.

Here are some reasons why you should use a singing bowl:

Lessens Anxiety and Depression: Some research supports the use of Tibetan singing bowls to promote relaxation and reduce depression symptoms.

Enhances Good Night's Sleep: Because singing bowl therapy has been linked to reduced anxiety and stress, it may be excellent for sleep. 

Reduces Blood Pressure: According to a study published in 2014, researchers looked at the benefits of starting a guided relaxation workshop with 12 minutes of singing bowls. They discovered a more significant reduction in blood pressure, circulatory strain, and pulse when compared to silence before the session.

Balances and aligns your body: People say that the vibrations of a singing bowl may "harmonize" the cells and "tune the body's energy structure," resulting in beneficial effects on the body.

Cleanses Crystals: Strike gently to make your bowl sing, and you'll have newly energized crystals and gemstones ready for healing and drawing good fortune.

Final Thoughts 

As we develop on our spiritual discipline, we understand how vibrations function, and singing bowls are here to assist us in working with energy through sound. They're valuable tools to have on your spiritual path in bringing order and tranquility in stressful situations. Remember that when the bowl sings, your soul sings as well!

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