The Benefits of Crystal Candles

The Benefits of Crystal Candles

The Benefits of Crystal Candles


Isn't it wonderful when a candle can make your home smell nice and warm? A relaxing scent in the air can help create a peaceful atmosphere and meditate at home.

If you have a regular meditation practice, lighting a candle to set your intention and focusing on it can help clear away any unwanted distractions. Candles bring the loveliest scent and light up your home through the beautiful glow they create. With the flick of a flame, a crystal candle will fill your life with incredible energy! ✨

What is a Crystal Candle?

Candles have been used for centuries for healing and meditation. Today, many different types of candles are available, including crystal candles. Crystal candles are made with natural crystals embedded in the wax. These candles emit a soft, gentle light that can be used for relaxation and meditation.

Crystal-infused candles typically use fragrances that are known to be calming, such as lavender, vanilla, sandalwood, and patchouli. These candles are then matched with complementary crystals to enhance their good energy. 

Crystals such as amethyst, citrine, and rose quartz can have different benefits that will help improve your energy. When you use healing crystals, choose a crystal you are particularly drawn to or combine crystals during your ritual to create a more powerful effect. For example, getting a crystal-infused candle will provide extra doses of cleansing energy with each candle.

Did you know that you can enjoy the benefits of these crystal candles just by burning them? Simply lighting a candle and reflecting on your desires can attract the crystals to work their power. 

Why should you get a crystal candle?

There are many reasons to start using crystal candles. Not only you'll get a fragrant candle to enjoy, but you also get a crystal inside. How great is that!

If that's not enough, here are a few more reasons why:

1. Crystal candles can strengthen manifestation

There are many different crystals and scents to choose from, so find the perfect match for you. Crystal candles can have various effects, depending on what would you like to manifest in your life. For example, they can be used for healing, calming, good luck, growth, mental focus, success, love, and more. 😌🌿

2. Crystal candles can improve your meditation session

Candles made with crystals can help you to have a quick meditation session. Using your crystal candle to set your intention while enjoying the candle's scent is a quick way to start a short meditation routine. You will no longer have to worry about carrying the right crystal combination for your mediation. So if you're going to start your ritual, just get your crystal candle. 😉

3. Crystal candles help grow your crystal collection

Suppose you like to expand your crystal collection, you can never get enough crystals with crystal candles. As the wax in your candle diminishes, you will start to see the crystal hidden inside it. It will be an enjoyable waiting game to be able to finish your candle and take your new crystal from the jar. As your collection grows, you'll get to experience every crystal candle available! ✨

4. Crystal candles can be used for aromatherapy

Perhaps using crystal candles for meditation is not what you want to do, that's okay. Lighting a candle can be a great way to start your day or wind down after a long day to charge and purify. Let the crystal candle fill the air with positive energy as you absorb the benefits: Inhale. Exhale. 😌

5. Crystal candles help you protect your energy

The main benefit of using a crystal candle is protection from negative energy. Lighting your crystal-infused candle will amplify the power of crystals into your home or sacred space. Whether you choose a crystal candle for healing or determination energy, you can create a positive energy sphere around you to help you focus on your intentions. 🧘🏼‍♀️

How do Crystal Candles work?

Each candle is infused with a unique crystal that affects different chakras and vibrates at different frequencies to provide healing and generate a healthy energy vibration in your home. Each of our candles was designed with a specific intention.

The Sweet Harmonizer - Strawberry + Vanilla + Rose Quartz Crystal-infused Candle

The Sweet Harmonizer is the perfect blend of the comforting presence of Rose Quartz and the sweetness of strawberry and Vanilla. This candle has a luxurious strawberry and vanilla scent that will bring love and harmony into any space. This elegant white candle is adorned with real baby rose buds and a natural Rose Quartz crystal piece to create the most beautiful candle in our collection.

The Peaceful Protector - Lavender + Amethyst Crystal-infused Candle

The Peaceful Protector has a unique synergy: Amethyst's stabilising power combined with lavender's calming scent. This candle emits a soothing lavender scent that will bring tranquillity and peace into any space. This pretty pink soy wax candle is topped with authentic lavender pieces and a natural Amethyst crystal piece to create the lushest candle you've ever seen. 

The Chakra Candle - The Ultimate Manifestation of Rivendell

The Luxury Chakra Candles come with our favourite scents and various crystal pieces to represent each of the seven energy chakra in the body. 

In ancient Sanskrit, "Chakra" means "wheel". Each of the seven chakras forms a part of the overall wheel: your life force, your spiritual energy. When a chakra centre spins too fast or too slow, it can throw your entire life force off balance. These candles have crystals mixed in to help restore balance to each of the seven energy centres and allow us to open up our blocked chakras and let the emotions flow. Here are the two chakra candles of Rivendell:

1. Rivendell's Chakra Candle: Patchouli and Wild Pear

Patchouli is a light purple flower that grows on a small bushy herb. Its aroma is intense and earthy, with hints of sweetness and mintiness. The sweet, crisp scent of Wild Pear balances the earthiness of the Patchouli flower.

2. Rivendell's Chakra Candle: Sandalwood and Musk

Sandalwood is a slow-growing tree known for its woody scent, often described as warm and milky. Musk is a complex, addictive scent that adds a wild edge to the comforting aroma of sandalwood. 

When is Best to Use Crystal Candles?  

The best thing about crystal candles is that you can create a ritual that works specifically for you. Choose the time you want to burn your candle, and make sure to say the affirmations you wish to. For example, the crystal energy of the Peaceful Protector, Lavender and Amethyst Crystal-Infused candle creates a soothing, gentle energy vibration that can help to calm bedtime chaos. 😴

Final Thoughts

Our sense of smell works incredibly impressive, recognising the emotions you feel when you recall a scent. This is why these candles smell the same we are conditioning our brains to experience a certain way when we smell them. We hope these candles will bring you to light and support you in times of need, stress and joy.

Check out our Aromatherapy Candle Collection for more info.

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