The Magic of the Greenstone

The Magic of the Greenstone


The Greenstone, or Pounamu, is a stone of many abilities and it really is the gift that keeps on giving. From symbolising the bonds shared with family and friends, to giving its wearer strength and mana, the Greenstone really is a magical creation.


Culturally significant to Māori, the story of the origin of Greenstone varies. One such story tells of a taniwha named Poutini who fell in love with a beautiful woman, Waitaiki, when he saw her bathing in the river. When Waitaiki’s husband chased Poutini, Poutini kidnapped Waitaiki and turned her into his essence, a pounamu, and laid her in the riverbed near a stream that’s now known as Waitaiki.


As it comes in many forms, the shape of the Greenstone you receive will have its own significant meaning. The Toki, which is a rectangle shape and can be long or short, represents strength, a Koru, or spiral, represents new life, a Hei Matu, hook, signifies a connection with the sea, and a Tiki represents the Earth Mother and Sky Father and offers protection. 


Greenstone is usually gifted or inherited, passing its power from generation to generation, adding to each person’s own spiritual experience. Whanau maintain and value these heirloom pieces as they help to keep a connection with their heritage.

When gifted from one person to another, Greenstone helps to form a lifelong bond between the two people. As it symbolises the authenticity of the bonds between our family and friends, Greenstone is customarily not bought for oneself, but rather to gift to someone who could benefit from its power and healing properties.


Greenstone is said to have many healing abilities, including protecting you from negative energies and giving you strength and power that may be lacking. It helps to increase energy and stamina, giving you motivation to get through any struggles you may be facing. 

Wearing the stone in a pendant form is the best way to receive the full benefits of its healing powers as it activates a sort of shield around you to protect you from any negativity.

You can also keep a piece of Pounamu under your pillow at night to help protect you from any bad dreams and to help you feel motivated and energised when you begin your day.

A beautiful, unique piece of Māori and New Zealand culture, a Greenstone pendant is a wonderful and significant gift to give to a loved one who can treasure it for years to come.

All of our Greenstone pieces are handmade locally in the South Island of New Zealand.

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