The Ultimate Guide to Measuring your Ring Size at Home

The Ultimate Guide to Measuring your Ring Size at Home

A ring is a highly personal belonging, and you want it to fit just right!


Whether you are buying for yourself or for someone else, it is essential that you find the right size so it is comfortable to wear without the risk of falling off, meaning it can be worn with pride all day long!


Ring Measurements

If you already have a ring you know fits you, it may be easiest to measure the diameter of the ring with a ruler and use our conversion chart below to work out the circumference, or you can multiply the diameter by 3.14 to work it out.



How to Measure Your Ring Size from Scratch

If you don't have a ring already - no worries! We have an easy trick you can do at home - all you need is some paper or string, a pen and a ruler:

1) Find a piece of paper or string that is at least 7cm long

2) Wrap this around your finger - careful to make it snug but not too loose or tight

3) Mark where the end overlaps with the piece of paper when wrapped around your finger

4) Uncurl it and measure the distance between the two marks using a ruler to get the circumference in millimeters

5) This is your European size!



Types of Ring Sizes

Letters, small numbers, big numbers - if you're confused, you're certainly not the only one. But don't worry we have done some research on your behalf to make it easy!

Here are the different types of ring sizes you may have come across in the past:

European Ring Sizes

Simply a measurement of the inner circumference of the ring in millimeters. We love simple - so we have used this sizing system for rings in our store. The most common sizes range from 45mm to 60mm using this system.

British Ring Sizes

Many jewellers in New Zealand use the British sizing system which is in letters from A-Z with halves in between e.g. J 1/2 is the size between J and K. The most common sizes range from I to S using this system.

Other Ring Sizes

The Americans, Germans, Swiss and Japanese among others all have their own systems for measuring ring sizes in numbers.


If you know what size you are in British or American sizing, use our handy ring size conversion chart below to see what European size will fit you:

If your exact finger measurement or circumference isn't on this chart, we recommend rounding up the nearest size.

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