Collection: Amber Teething Necklaces

Amber Jewellery is made of polished chips of naturally occurring fossilised tree resin. When worn next to the skin, the natural plant oils contained in Amber are slowly released and provide calming effects. 

Amber Teething Neckalces have become popular accessories for babies and children, as well as for adults.

A suitable necklace length for babies and infants ranges between 26-30cm, while children aged two and above may wear 30-36cm pieces. Adult necklaces generally range from 45cm and upwards in length.

The yellow glow from Amber resembles the colour of the sun, emanating warm tones which promote healing and general wellbeing. In addition its calming effects, Amber is said to strengthen emotional bonding between a child and their caregiver, as well as building a sense of belonging within the family.

For your child's safety please always supervise your child while wearing Amber Jewellery,  and remove during sleep, due to risk of choking and strangulation.