Collection: Balance your Root Chakra

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Sitting at the very base of your spine (the red symbol in the image above), the root chakra represents our foundation. The role of this chakra is based on survival - it aims to give you everything you need to survive, including financial and emotional security.

When this chakra is open and flowing, we are confident to stand on our own two feet and we feel safe and secure. When it is closed or blocked, we may feel as though we are on shaky ground with a high sense of insecurity.

Root chakra vibrations are stabilised by earthly elements and red-coloured food and crystals.

Fragrance: Sandalwood, rosewood, patchouli and ginger

Foods:  Red apples, red pears, red cherries, strawberries, red tomatoes, radishes, red- skinned potatoes, red beets, red onions and red bell peppers

Crystals:  Ruby, Red Jasper, Carnelian, Obsidian, Hematite