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Wellbeing Necklace with Seven Gemstone Pendants

Wellbeing Necklace with Seven Gemstone Pendants - Amazing Value!

Each set includes:

  • set of seven changeable gemstone pendants
  • a waxed cord necklace
  • a wire pendant case to house each¬†gemstone
  • mini information booklet explaining the properties of each gemstone
  • all in a lightweight bag

Our spiritual needs change every day so why not make the most of all seven gemstones included in this set?

Wellbeing Gemstone Guide

1. Amethyst - one of the most spiritual stones, an important healing stone, and it promotes love of the divine.

2. Citrine -¬†also known as the ‚ÄúLight Maker‚ÄĚ or "Vitamin C for the soul", one of the most powerful crystals for motivation and perseverance.¬†

3. Green Aventurine - stone of prosperity & wealth, has strong connection with the mother earth.

4. Hematite - a very protective stone and is great to carry to help you stay grounded, helps to absorb negative energy in times of stress or worry. 

5.  Howlite - said to have a calming influence, teaches patience, stills the mind and is excellent for sleep or meditation.

6.  Rock Quartz - stone of grounding, stimulating mental clarity and emotional stability facilitating meditative states and learning.

7.  Rose Quartz - also known as the "Stone of Love", or the "Queen of Stones", it helps to open up the heart, attracting acceptance, forgiveness and compassion, and reducing loneliness, stress and tension. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews

Awesome neckpiece, absolutely love it.


Awesome love it

amazing necklace

i like the crystal description that comes with it. strong metal and pretty colours. great gift.

cool necklace

the stones are pretty and easy to place in the pendant holder. my only complaint is the necklace cord is quite long and sits below my rib cage :)

We'll being necklace

Bought it for my niece, she often anxious. She loved the little card that explains each crystal. Great starter kit for a young one

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