Collection: Father's Day at Rivendell

Here are our top picks to spoil dad this Father's Day:

1. Greenstone Jewellery

Nothing says "I love you" more than a protective piece of greenstone dad can always carry near his heart. Our New Zealand Greenstone Jewellery Range comes in a luxurious box with a waxed cord ready for dad to start wearing straight away!

2. Bone carving

A more affordable alternative to Greenstone, our Bone Carvings are just as stylish. Their off-white luminous hue combined with the incredible artistry of our carvers makes this a great choice to spoil dad this Father's Day.

3. Copper Bracelet

Our hugely popular copper bracelets are said to have positive health effects including easing musculoskeletal pains from arthritis or sports injuries. They are another stylish addition to dad's jewellery collection!

4. Selenite Lamps

Made from real selenite from the ancient sea beds of Morocco, dad will love the mesmerizing effect of these colour-changing lamps. They come in a range of sizes and look absolutely amazing.

5. Water Feature

Now that winter is coming to an end, dad will be keenly getting back into sorting out the garden - what better addition to spruce up his backyard than an incredible water feature?

6. Himalayan Salt Lamp

There is nothing like the warm orange glow of a Himalayan Salt Lamp, and dad will love that its made from pure Himalayan Salt Crystals and comes with a free bulb and on/off switch included!

7. Dragons and Fairies

Is your dad a Fantasy Buff? If so, you've come to the right place! You will be sure to find the right dragon or fairy collectible that he can cherish for years to come.

8. Aromatherapy

Dad has spent so much time looking after you - it's about time he spent some time relaxing and rejuvenating himself! Our recommendations for scents that dad will love include Musk, Frankincense, Sandalwood and Dragon's Blood.