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3 Palo Santo Holy Wood Sticks

3 Pack Palo Santo Holy Wood Sticks

Palo Santo wood was initially burnt by tribes in Central and South America.

Our Palo Santo is sourced in Ecuador, where the quality of the wood is highest.

Palo Santo wood has a unique and pleasantly sweet aroma in its natural form.

When Palo Santo is burned, the smoke is said to clear the air of negative energy. 

Find out why this purification ritual from South America is quickly growing to a worldwide popular favourite for yourself today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Janette Morton
Palo Santo Sticks

Lovely aromatic smell. Haven’t burnt them yet. Fast shipping.

Mia Dins
Beautiful smell

Palo santo is amazing for clearing and also spreading divine smell around you.
I can recommend it.

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