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Chakra Tree of Life Pendant with Silver Chain

Handmade Chakra Tree of Life Pendant with Silver Chain.

As part of the Rivendell service, each pendant comes together with:

  • a zinc alloy chain to complete the pendant into a beautiful necklace
  • an elegant Rivendell Gift Box

This stunning pendant features real crystal pieces as the leaves on a Tree of Life which is a symbol of rebirth.

    Material: Zinc Alloy and Crystals

    Each pendant is handmade and therefore the exact sizes and shapes of the crystal pieces may vary and therefore each pendant is unique.


    Find out more about Tree of Life Symbolism below:

    The Tree of Life can represent a vast range of meanings and is a universal spiritual symbol across many different cultures and religions.

    1. Connection to the environment

    Everyone is deeply connected to the world and dependent on their surroundings for ability to grow and thrive. The tree similarly has roots that reach deeply into the soil and receiving nourishment from Mother Earth, and leaves and branches that reach into the sky receiving energy from Father Sun.

    2. Connection to family and ancestors

    A branching tree symbolizes the generations and continuity in a family. 

    3. Personal Growth

    Baby trees start out all looking the same. As they grow older, they weather storms and  their branches may break and grow back in a different direction. The soil beneath them may erode away, forcing them to grow even stronger roots to hold on. Over time, they grow into individuals shaped by their environment, just like our broad experiences in life make us into who we are.

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    S Rarere
    Chakra tree of Life necklace

    💜 beautiful 🥰
    Highly recommended.

    Chakra tree of life pendant

    Very fast delivery and excellent communication. Although there was a slight confusion and my friend ended up getting two pendants, her sister wanted one also so it worked out well. Hopefully she paid for it and sorted it for you 😉😁

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