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Evil Eye Protection Bracelet - Blue

Handmade Evil Eye Protection Bracelet

This handmade evil eye bracelet features vibrant shades of blue to bring the protective spirit of the evil eye to life! The adjustable soft string design makes it perfect for everyday wear.

    Approximate dimensions:

    • Evil Eye Largest Bead: 3mm diameter
    • Bracelet length: adjustable cuff up to 30cm - one size fits all

    Each evil eye bead is handmade and therefore the exact sizes and shapes of the evil eye may vary between beads and therefore each bracelet is unique.

    Find out a little more about Evil Eye below:

    Place of Origin: Mediterranean and West Asia

    Meaning: Evil Eye is a symbol of protection, that emanates a stare that wards off bad spirits from those who wear it. It was used extensively in Ancient Greece where it was used as a talisman that could be worn for personal protection, or hung from doors to protect the home. As well as providing a form of guardianship, the Evil Eye is also based on one of the most soulful parts of the human body - the eye. In this sense it holds deep spiritual meaning as well.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Evil eye bracelet

    Given as a gift and was gratefully received


    Brought 3 and gifted 2 of them to 2 close friends of mine who are both quite spiritual! They immediately loved the bracelets! I love my own also! It really makes me feel better having it on!

    Kartia Hikuroa
    Cute bracelet

    Lovely bracelet to wear as protection

    Evil eye bracelets (blue, white and black)

    Absolutely beautiful bracelet but the beads fell off after 2 hours of wearing it and tightening the bracelet strings and made the bracelet uneven. Apart from that it is gorgeous. I purchased 3 and 2 out of the 3 had the same issues mentioned above.

    Chloe Rose
    Evil eye

    Beautiful 😍 little bracelet. ❤

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