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HEM Hexagon Dragons Blood Incense 6 Pack

Hem Dragons Blood Incense pack of 6.

Each pack contains 20 sticks of incense for a total of 120 incense sticks.

HEM Incense is one of the most prominent, reputable brands worldwide.

Dragons Blood

Dragons Blood incense is a magical and sweet powdery fragrance. It resembles a Chinese temple atmosphere and adds a wooden smell. It is composed of Dragon's blood palm that grows in swampy parts of Australia, Africa and Asia.

About the Incense Brand HEM

HEM incense is a prominent, famous incense brand. They roll their sticks by hand in Bangalore, India. Bangalore is also known as the "center of incense", because of the quality produced there.

HEM produces a large range of scents, with ingredients carefully designed to ensure you have wonderful fragrance experience.

They're also easy to use without being powdery, so are easy to light.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Selina Griffiths

Love this incense, burns nicely for a good amount of time as well, perfect

My all time favourite incense

My all time favourite incense. Apparently the best for meditating with to access higher self, angels etc. Easy order, fast shipping, hugely appreciated <3

Smells delicious

And great price.

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