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Oracle of the Fairies

Oracle of the Fairies

A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook

By Karen Kay

Published in 2019.

The fairies wish for everyone to experience their ancient wisdom and feel connected to the Earth.

They are the guardians of nature, magical manifestors-they wish only to create beautiful blessings in our lives.

Now there is a way to receive these blessings, using the Oracle of the Fairies as the doorway to the invisible realm of possibility just beyond our fingertips.

Created by Karen Kay, renowned fairy communicator, Oracle of the Fairies will guide the user to seek out fairy wisdom and receive concrete answers that will bring inspiration and solutions to everyday questions.

Each reading will share positive and practical fairy insight, directly related to the user's unique energy and personal circumstances.

The purpose of this oracle deck is to enable the user to forge their own path in life with wisdom and confidence-easily done when you can readily communicate with your fairy guides for help through this extraordinary deck of cards.

Oracle of the Fairies will appeal to those who love nature and believe in the magic and wonder of life.

It is for the people who "know" there is more to life than what can be seen with our physical eyes, who love and care for the planet, and have a passion for the environment.

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Oracle of the Fairies

Love my set of Fairy Oracle cards - just beautiful.

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