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Rivendell Elixir: Clear Quartz Crystal Water Bottle

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Stay hydrated with Rivendell Elixir: Clear Quartz Crystal Water Bottle.

Purify, revitalise and energise your water. The vibrational energy stored in crystals purifies and revitalises water, charging it with the healing power of each unique crystal.

Clear Quartz promotes energy and clarity, with more details about it below.

The bottle is made of high grade borosilicate glass which is cold and heat resistant meaning you can store ice cold drinks or boiling hot tea in this bottle.

They are designed right here in New Zealand by Rivendell, after having tried dozens of Crystal Water Bottles, and wanting to create the perfect one!

We've intentionally designed these to use crystal chips in a separate compartment rather than crystal points, to maximise the water interaction with crystals via vibration, instead of dissolving the crystals which can be harmful!

Plus, this way you can always change which crystal chips are in your water bottle, to suit the healing you currently need :)

The rose gold stainless steel base and lid of the bottle can be unscrewed. 

Cleaning Instructions: Hand wash with warm soapy water and rinse, drop dry preferably in moonlight to cleanse and charge the crystals.

Capacity: 550ml


Find out a little more about Clear Quartz below:

Country of Origin: California, USA

Meaning: Clear Quartz is said to be an energising crystal, working on every area of the body and mind. It is an emotional balancer and increases energy.

Customer Reviews

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Elixir- clear quartz bottle

I adore this drink bottle! I love that I can twist the bottom off and change what crystals I feel like I need in there that day. It’s a solid bottle and so stunning with the rose gold top. Easy to clean and pop on the window sill to dry and cleanse in the moonlight. This is my go to drink bottle every day.

Pauline Henwood
Elixir clear crystal water bottle


Amber De Silva
Clear quartz drink bottle

Lovely drink bottle, fast delivery, comfortable price

Crystal drink bottle

Loved the bottle and it arrived within 24 hours service was great wished the discount would last longer x

Shianna Peterson

Since I’ve been using this bottle I’ve felt so much more energetic and positive. I’ve been so hyped about it that I’ve convinced atleast 3 people to buy their own hahah

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Nicole Owens
Chevron Amethyst point for crystal water bottle

10 out of 10 so happy with purchase highly recommend will shop of this site again 🙂

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