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Rivendell Elixir: Rose Quartz Crystal Water Bottle

Stay hydrated with Rivendell Elixir: Rose Quartz Crystal Water Bottle.

Purify, revitalise and energise your water. The vibrational energy stored in crystals purifies and revitalises water, charging it with the healing power of each unique crystal.

Rose Quartz promotes healing, love and forgiveness, with more details about it below.

The bottle is made of high grade borosilicate glass which is cold and heat resistant meaning you can store ice cold drinks or boiling hot tea in this bottle.

They are designed right here in New Zealand by Rivendell, after having tried dozens of Crystal Water Bottles, and wanting to create the perfect one!

We've intentionally designed these to use crystal chips in a separate compartment rather than crystal points, to maximise the water interaction with crystals via vibration, instead of dissolving the crystals which can be harmful!

Plus, this way you can always change which crystal chips are in your water bottle, to suit the healing you currently need :)

The rose gold stainless steel base and lid of the bottle can be unscrewed. 

Cleaning Instructions: Hand wash with warm soapy water and rinse, drop dry preferably in moonlight to cleanse and charge the crystals.

Capacity: 550ml


Find out a little more about Rose Quartz below:

Country of Origin: Brazil

Meaning: Rose Quartz is said to be a powerful healing sacred mineral also known as the Stone of Love, or the Queen of Stones. The gentle and soothing energy it carries brings comfort to all forms of love - self-love, family relationships, friendships and romantic relationships. It helps to open up the heart, attracting acceptance, forgiveness and compassion, and reducing loneliness, stress and tension. 

Chakra: the heart and circulatory system

Ways to harness its energy: It is said that the healing powers of Rose Quartz can be felt most strongly by keeping it close to your heart, and a perfect way to do this is through a drinking water bottle! To strengthen your bond with a loved one, place it in a mutual space such as the bedroom or living space. At night, place it on your bedside table to experience peace and beautiful dreams. It is best recharged in moonlight. 

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