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Spiritual Sky Opium Incense

Spiritual Sky Opium Incense

This pack contains 20 sticks of incense.

Handmade in New Zealand, these incense flavours and blends are designed to perfection.


Opium incense is an exotic fragrance which creates an environment of abundance. The mysterious blend of flowers and herbs is hypnotising and is said to deepen the senses, bringing one to a higher level of consciousness.

About the Incense Brand Spiritual Sky

Spiritual Sky is the leading NZ-made brand in incense.

Founded approximately 45 years ago, their focus has always been creating masterful combinations of aromas and fragrances. They do this through experimentation and testing until the blend finally reaches perfection.

They're also easy to use without being powdery, so are easy to light.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sky opium Incense

Very happy with the product. Wish there were more sticks in there. Otherwise burns nice and creates the right atmosphere for meditation.

Great smell

I love these spiritual sky incense they all smell great and I love the opium incense. It gives a light musky type smell mixed in some rose and lavender love it.

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