Best Crystals for Mindfulness: And How to Use it

Best Crystals for Mindfulness: And How to Use it

Table of Contents

1. What is Mindfulness?
2. How to use crystals for mindfulness meditation?
3. Choosing your Crystals
4. Best Crystals for Mindfulness and Meditation
5. Cleanse Your Crystals
6. Get Ready for Meditation
7. Practice Grounding


Have you been feeling overwhelmed lately? You're not alone; there are people all over the globe that are depressed, anxious, and stressed. Maybe it was the pandemic have brought many changes to your life. It may include disrupted daily routines, financial strains, and poor mental health.

Thus, meditation and mindfulness have grown more popular during the pandemic. One of the most well-known spiritual practices for finding inner peace is using crystals for mindfulness. 🧘🏻‍♀️

So, let's continue reading to discover more about starting your mindful journey.

But first, what is mindfulness?

mindfulness on a paper

Mindfulness is simply being present in the moment. Mindfulness is a type of meditation that includes a key component: acceptance. It enables you to develop an awareness of your every thought, feelings, physiological sensation, and surroundings regardless of what is going on around you.

Sometimes, people hurry through life, missing out on what is truly important. You may be preoccupied with what's already happened or whatever might happen in the future. Either way, you are not in the present moment. According to studies, mindfulness meditation can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. So, it has the potential to help with some of your emotional, spiritual, and mental health issues. 🧠

Slowing down and becoming aware of oneself is a good start to start being mindful; you can begin by concentrating on each of your senses and practising breathing exercises. Being alert and present in each breath helps us lead a happy, meaningful life without missing out

So, how to use crystals for mindfulness meditation?

crystals for mindfulness

Each crystal has its own energy and metaphysical characteristics that can benefit your mindfulness meditation. Moreover, crystals may be your focal point to relax your mind and begin meditation. 

Start with Choosing Your Crystals

purpler and green crystals on a lilac background

Getting the right crystal for you is the first step in this meditation. Consider crystals to be small vessels waiting for your intention. For example, if you want to use it to help you relax, so let your crystal know. It might seem unusual, but that's what they're made for. Every crystal has different abilities and qualities that they are perfectly served for. Still, they will help you in their own way with whatever you desire. ✨

The suitable crystals will assist you in maintaining a state of constant mindfulness, happiness, and wellbeing. It enables you to turn off your automatic pilot and focus on your current situation. With this, you'll enjoy life in all its greatness.

Best Crystals For Mindfulness and Meditation 

So, here are some of the crystals that will help you to be present at the moment:


black obsidian in a palm

If you're stuck in a negative thinking cycle, consider adding Obsidian into your meditation. Obsidian, often known as the "psychic vacuum cleaner," absorbs and clears irritability and tension, making you grounded and aware of your thoughts. It's an excellent stone for eliminating any prior negative or emotional harm. In addition, it has powerful metaphysical properties that can help defend you from unwanted influences. When you combine it with Citrine, your view on life will drastically change. ☀️



citrine crystal

Citrine's sunny energy clears any blockages, negative thoughts, or instabilities by filling you with optimism and positive vibrations. This makes a Citrine crystal the ideal stone to begin your day with joyful thoughts, encouraging you to "stop and feel every breath". So, if you think your life has become a bit too stagnant, try mindfulness meditation with Citrine. 🧡

Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline necklace

As with other stones of black colour, black tourmaline is a very protective and soothing crystal. It absorbs negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions. When things feel a little spacey when you're meditating, black tourmaline will also help you stay grounded. 🧘🏼‍♀️


malachite earrings

Malachite is a beautiful gemstone that helps you tune in and focus on the present moment, turning off your possibility to autopilot. For example, suppose you've been repressing harmful thoughts or emotions. In that case, Malachite can support raising them to the surface, helping you deal with past anger, negativity, and psychological causes. Malachite enables you to be your true self without judgment by removing pre-conceived notions and inhibitions. It improves your awareness to foster growth and restore balance. ⚖️

Clear Quartz

clear quartz crystal on wooden background

Clear Quartz is an excellent crystal for beginners and an ideal starting point for crystal practice. It is one of the most versatile crystals you'll find, especially clearing the mind.

Clear Quartz is also helpful in filtering out disruptive thoughts, which is ideal for meditation. Just keep in mind that Clear Quartz equals a clear mind! So when you meditate with it, your mind can enjoy a well-deserved break. 💆🏻‍♀️

Since Clear Quartz is commonly used as a meditation enhancer, it helps you to access expanded realms of consciousness. Although this crystal is beneficial to the crown chakra, it also promotes the overall harmony of your body and spirit by balancing all chakras.


selenite tower

Known for its ethereal quality, Selenite is an excellent gemstone to use if you're craving those higher vibrations from your practice. Selenite will help you stay at peace throughout your meditation and bring some tremendous psychic insights. 🔮


calcite pyramid

Calcite is a brilliant stone that comes in various colours, the most common of which is clear. This stone is excellent for awareness since it is known as the stone of clarity. It helps to clarify the mind and be aware of all that is going on in the current moment by reducing dissonance and transferring stagnant energy. Moreover, Calcite can improve your concentration and stimulate thought. It's an incredible mineral for calming the mind, achieving inner peace, and clearing negative vibes from a room. A great way to get started with mindfulness meditation! ✨


tumbled turquoise stones

Turquoise has been utilized in holistic treatment for generations. It is recognized for its power to repair physical, mental, and spiritual health. Turquoise is a stone that represents our ability to express and live our truth. It assists us in overcoming our inhibitions and harmful behaviour patterns related to suppressing our genuine sentiments to keep others happy. Turquoise enables you to accept your truth in the present moment and live it without hesitation. 💃🏼


carnelian pendant

Carnelian keeps you grounded in the present moment, encouraging a calm awareness of life, truth, and your own reality. It's an excellent stone for mindfulness meditation because it helps you focus on what's going on: sounds, smells, and your thoughts, feelings, and sensations. ❤️

Cleanse Your Crystals

palo santo with hot chocolate

Cleanse your crystals before initiating the mindfulness practice. There are various methods for doing this, including burning incense, chanting, immersing crystals in sunlight or moonlight for a few hours, or submerging crystals in salt water. 💧

You may need to apply a particular cleaning process depending on the crystal you pick. It's critical to understand how to cleanse crystals. Check out our Ultimate Guide to crystal care for more tips.

Get Ready for Meditation

meditation crystal

To begin, choose a quiet spot where you won't be interrupted. Set the thermometer to a proper temperature and adjust the lighting to your preference if you want a cozy feeling environment.

Proceed by holding the crystal in your left-hand palm as you settle down. Since the left hand is the hand for receiving, holding a crystal in your left hand will let you receive its energy. ✨

If you find it challenging to stay focused on your breath, you can use your crystal as your focus point. Concentrate on how it feels in your palm and what you're experiencing during the mindfulness meditation.

Remember that mindfulness meditation may be difficult to practice if you are rushed for time or weary. So when you practice it daily, it becomes a natural part of your self-care routine. Try to do a few minutes of gemstone yoga every day, even if it's only for five minutes.

Practice Grounding

grounding meditation

Have you tried a guided crystal meditation? If yes, then grounding is already familiar to you. Grounding is a technique for re-establishing a physical connection with one's physical self through reconnecting with the physical surroundings. But if you want to try crystal healing on your own, you can start by asking your higher self and higher beings for guidance during your mindfulness session.

Your objectives must always be for the greater good of society when practising crystal mindfulness. You should also communicate with your crystals and obtain permission to use their vibrations. You can sense the response by connecting with your intuition.

Try to relax throughout the session and follow the energy of the stones. You can close your eyes or keep them open if you want to. The session's goal is for you to do whatever makes you feel most at ease. 😌

Don't be too hard on yourself if your mind wanders. This is normal and will occur from time to time. Whenever your mind wanders, bring back your focus to your breath and the energy of the crystals.


Crystal mindfulness meditation is a helpful method for many individuals since there is a crystal for every need. The most essential part of it is to choose which crystal is the best for your intention. And if you're ready to level up your crystal healing, check out the new Ultimate Guide to Wellness, Balance, and Serenity.

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